• It Isn’t Worth It

    Regularly I sit down and chat to my clients before or after sessions because it allows me, as an instructor, to get to know them as people and to also understand what their goals are. This is one of the reasons why I limit the number of people that come to each of my sessions, training large numbers isn’t difficult but training many people effectively is. During these sit downs I can learn from their experiences in life and I can pick up some absolute gems whether they be sayings or motivations. During the first session of my new weightloss programme New U, I went along and sat down chatting with the participants. we were sitting in a group when one of the ladies piped up and said that when she struggles with a weightloss programme and feels like cheating, she just whispers the phrase “It isn’t worth it” to herself and that helps her to refocus on the task at hand and goal she has set herself. So, when the going gets tough and you feel like cheating…. IT ISN’T WORTH IT!!
  • You Are What You Think And Your Success Is Tied To That

    Keep-your-thoughts-words-behavior-habits-values-positive... Positive thoughts do drive your behaviour and this shows how and why. A whole industry has grown up around this type of philosophy and if you spend time watching and listening to people (do it subtlely and without judgement) you can gain more of an understanding of their personal drivers. I am sure you have all done the people watching from time to time whilst sitting in a cafe, restaurant or on public transport. As a trainer I find it very important that the image I put across is a positive one and that includes my use of language, both body and verbal. Whilst I was in the military and training potential commandos it wasn’t necessarily the approach that I took, but now when training paying clients language and demeanour are exceptionally important. There are a number of trainers out there who run bootcamps but have never been through the military training who believe that the inly way to motivate in a bootcamp session is to shout and put people down. From my perspective, guys you are wrong!!! The habits and success of your clients come from your behaviours and words. As a businessman my destiny and success is in the hands of my clients…..  
  • Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

    I look around and I see people walking around and they are overweight and either struggling with breathing or have troubles with their joints and I think why? With the advent of the internet there is so much information out there about healthy eating or exercise and I am not talking about leading a monastic lifestyle, just a normal life, so why are they like this? I believe that it all starts early with the role models we have (parents are very influential) Add to this the fact that food manufacturers have learnt that adding sugar to their products makes people want it more and will buy more of it and therefore their profits grow, also political correctness means that we are castigated if we want to say our mind to friends about their weight. Weight is a taboo subject along with sexuality, race and even height.. My personal opinion is that people have a choice and you choose whether you abuse your body or not, if you do then either you do something about it or live with the consequences, rather than blaming everybody else. We get one shot at life, this is not a dress rehearsal. There are people out there who were dealt tough cards with regards to genetic issues or disease, who would give anything to have the same chance that a lot of us take for granted with health and well being. Do them and yourself a favour and think twice about abusing and neglecting that precious gift of life and a body that functions perfectly
  • 7 Great Tips For Injury Prevention

    As a fitness professional I constantly see people injuring themselves unnecessarily or preparing incorrectly, so I thought I would put some ideas together in a list. This is not covering everything, but some of the approaches that if followed should minimise injuries and training downtime…. 7 Great Tips To Avoid Training Injuries Maintain good levels of hydration This maintains the optimal muscle activity and also minimises muscle cramps. Ensure that you take in plenty of fluids in the time leading up to exercise to ensure that you don’t have to continually interrupt your training to take on water, except as an excuse to take a break. Drinking litres just prior to exercise will usually result in a toilet break being required. Add strength training and stretching. To keep the stretching effective and safe, hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds and never push your body beyond the resistance point. When stretching always go into the pose gradually and never bounce in the holding phase. Strength training enhances the ‘robustness’ of both the muscle body and connective tissue, enabling it to deal with increased loads. Know your fitness level and limitations. Avoid over training. If you are suffering in any discomfort or pain, immediately decrease the intensity and duration of your workout to avoid injury or burnout. If looking to push yourself and you are fairly new to exercise then either train with an experienced person or preferably a qualified instructor. Injuries from over training can set your training and fitness plan back months Always ensure that you watch your footing on uneven surfaces. Making a poor foot placement choice can result in ankle, knee, hip or even back issues, let alone muscle strains or breakages from resulting falls. Never skip the warm-up and cool-down. Before and after every exercise, it is very important to do some low impact exercises such as biking, walking or gentle jogging. Maintain variety. If it is possible, try and change your training programme and exercises fairly frequently otherwise fitness and strength gains can plateau. This is another reason why utilising a trainer or fitness professional will have added benefits. Bootcamp training is a key example of this. When I run my FitForce bootcamps I have a library of in excess of 150 different workouts (most of them named after Greek mythical figures, as is my little foible) that i can ensure that rarely in a 3-6 month period will anyone do the same programme and sometimes i mix 2 sessions up together to form a third. This ensures that any strength or fitness gains are very broad brush and not specific, which to a degree trains in robustness and flexibility. Ensure your trainer is aware of any pre existing issues. It is essential that your trainer is aware of any recent injuries or issues so that certain movements can be avoided.  Whilst training any sharp pain or discomfort needs to be communicated to the trainer so that alternates that isolate the issue can be found, thus maintaining your training. You are the ‘translator’ of what your body is saying, then communicating this to your trainer or training buddy.
  • Everything is Relative, But Attitude is Everything! fitforce-training-attitude
  • Paul – North Shore

    “I am truly committed to FitForce as a regular exercise plan for myself, for the fact it is fun, informative, challenging and the ever changing sessions keep me motivated. There is also a great feeling among the FitForce group and that is led by Steve, who helps us and encourages us all, whatever level of fitness you are. Added into that is the challenges you set yourself, goals you see yourself achieve, and a few good laughs while we are sweating it out. You won’t get someone yelling at you, just pure encouragement and drive, which will make you push yourself. You will go away feeling like you have something great for yourself, and how priceless is that?”
  • Mel – Albert Park

    “I love getting out of the office for an hour twice a week to work out in the sunshine/rain at Albert Park. It is a great way to distress and fit my workout into my day. Highly recommend it!”
  • Sue – North Shore

    “I started bootcamp and only intended to to give it about six months or until I could see some results. Over two years later and 2 half marathons under my belt, and tough guys challenges I am still attending bootcamp run by Steve which says it all.”
  • Dean – North Shore

    “From starting classes with FitForce over a year ago I have stuck with them due to the awesome and consistent encouragement given. Without this I think I may have faltered and found it much harder to stick at it. I have got the results I wanted. Fitter than I have ever been (@ 44) and have almost reached my weight loss goal with using the nutrition plan alongside the workouts. Absolutely stoked!”

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